Samsung’s New Innovation in 2017



Come 2017, Samsung will bring about new things first of which will be the Galaxy X. In the Android realm, Samsung continues to hold a pioneer position and the company sells the most android devices. Even when compared to other operating systems, Samsung is miles ahead of Apple in terms of sales. Over the years, the Korean tech giant has grown bigger and according to rumors, in the next couple of years, starting from 2017, there will be new innovations which will definitely change the mobile technology world. Cutting to the chase, this means Samsung will be unveiling new innovations that will be big news in the mobile tech world. The big innovation Samsung will be unveiling is the Samsung Galaxy X which features a fully folding and flexible Super AMOLED display.

With this upcoming device, it is very likely Samsung’s portfolio will change and in this article, we will be looking at how this will happen while envisaging how this device when released can be gotten with electronic discount codes. For a device that features folding and flexible OLED display, is that there is no restriction as regards how compact as it has the ability to change its form. Another rumor is that Samsung might release another device with fully folding OLED device in 2017 which has a standard size of a handset with a 5-inch display and can further be unfolded into an 8-inch device which makes it into a small tablet.

These new innovations from Samsung has an edge given that there has been a significant decline in the sales of tablets even though tablets are still being produced. The numbers just aren’t what they used to be in the past. Most of the tablets being made now are mostly tablet-laptop hybrids and it is widely believed that consumers buy tablets the way they buy laptops – to be used for longer times than phones before replacement after years of use.

The Samsung device, once released has the potential to edge out the Galaxy S flagship and all of Samsung’s Android tablets with its ability to be unfolded into a 7 inch or 8-inch tablet. The Samsung Galaxy X will function as both smartphone and phablet and this will make for a really big win for Samsung in the coming year. A device with a fully-foldable OLED display will really make a big difference for the wearable market but then having this sort of device on the market will bring a breath of fresh air to the smartphone world.

As much as we do not have much information right now, the catch is come next year, with the release of this device the will be electronic discount codes which customers can make use of and buy the phones. With these electronic discount codes, you can be assured of getting the device quite on time and at cheaper prices too. We really are counting on Samsung to make this device and change the game for smartphones, tablets, phablets and smartwatches once and for all.