Apple’s Future Phone – iPhone 8




With the release of the iPhone 7 in late 2016, Apple is preparing for another major release in 2017 which is the year the company will mark its 10th year anniversary. There will be a major redesign and iPhone fanatics will be treated to new and exciting features such as an integrated touch ID sensor and secondary camera. The screen size of the upcoming iPhone 8 may be around 4.7 to 5.5 inches.

Everyone around the world is expecting Apple to make its tenth year anniversary big which is why there is a high anticipation for a major phone release this year. Presently, there are rumours that Apple is testing over ten prototype models of iPhone so there are no clear indications about what exactly to expect.

In terms of specifications, rumours have it that there will be a noticeable difference in the build of the future iPhone 8. The touch ID fingerprint scanner and the front-facing scanner may be built into the display thereby eliminating the presence of a home button. This change alone will make the iPhone look like a single sheet of glass. The display will take up the whole front of the iPhone but we are not sure just yet what the size would be. We are however expecting a display size of 5.5 inches or more. The display is also expected to be flexible plastic OLED instead of an LCD which will make the phone consume less power and provide great display.

It is being said that the iPhone 8 will come with curved edges but we cannot say right now if the curved edges will be a part of the screen because that would mean the edges responding to touch as well. It is very unlikely that iPhone will make use of the aluminium body it used in the iPhone 5 through to iPhone 6SE. A glass body is very much likely to be used in the iPhone 8 and according to Catcher Technology, a glass body will be built around an aluminium frame or stainless steel frame.

The iPhone 8 will definitely be water resistant and will also feature a 10-nanometer all chip which will be faster and more efficient. Features like wireless charging, iris, facial or gesture recognition will come with the iPhone 8. It will also feature a dual lens camera which will have optical image stabilization. The iPhone 8 may come with wireless charging features and in terms of memory Apple may adopt the NAND Flash memory from Samsung but  it is unclear whether there will be  an increase in the memory capacity. The iPad pro now has its variants featuring up to 256GB so the iPhone 8 too may have 256GB of memory.

The iPhone 8 will definitely be an amazing device poised to blow the minds of everyone in the tech world. We can only expect and wait for this device to hit the market towards the end of 2017.


Samsung’s New Innovation in 2017



Come 2017, Samsung will bring about new things first of which will be the Galaxy X. In the Android realm, Samsung continues to hold a pioneer position and the company sells the most android devices. Even when compared to other operating systems, Samsung is miles ahead of Apple in terms of sales. Over the years, the Korean tech giant has grown bigger and according to rumors, in the next couple of years, starting from 2017, there will be new innovations which will definitely change the mobile technology world. Cutting to the chase, this means Samsung will be unveiling new innovations that will be big news in the mobile tech world. The big innovation Samsung will be unveiling is the Samsung Galaxy X which features a fully folding and flexible Super AMOLED display.

With this upcoming device, it is very likely Samsung’s portfolio will change and in this article, we will be looking at how this will happen while envisaging how this device when released can be gotten with electronic discount codes. For a device that features folding and flexible OLED display, is that there is no restriction as regards how compact as it has the ability to change its form. Another rumor is that Samsung might release another device with fully folding OLED device in 2017 which has a standard size of a handset with a 5-inch display and can further be unfolded into an 8-inch device which makes it into a small tablet.

These new innovations from Samsung has an edge given that there has been a significant decline in the sales of tablets even though tablets are still being produced. The numbers just aren’t what they used to be in the past. Most of the tablets being made now are mostly tablet-laptop hybrids and it is widely believed that consumers buy tablets the way they buy laptops – to be used for longer times than phones before replacement after years of use.

The Samsung device, once released has the potential to edge out the Galaxy S flagship and all of Samsung’s Android tablets with its ability to be unfolded into a 7 inch or 8-inch tablet. The Samsung Galaxy X will function as both smartphone and phablet and this will make for a really big win for Samsung in the coming year. A device with a fully-foldable OLED display will really make a big difference for the wearable market but then having this sort of device on the market will bring a breath of fresh air to the smartphone world.

As much as we do not have much information right now, the catch is come next year, with the release of this device the will be electronic discount codes which customers can make use of and buy the phones. With these electronic discount codes, you can be assured of getting the device quite on time and at cheaper prices too. We really are counting on Samsung to make this device and change the game for smartphones, tablets, phablets and smartwatches once and for all.


Ways To Keep Your PC Safe



Ways to Keep Your Computer Away From Trojans and Viruses

In times like these, almost everything we do is online and every task we perform is somehow related to a computer. With the advent of online businesses, online banking and social media, our life has become more centered on a computer. Even though these are advancements that must be celebrated, they are not without its troubles. Cyber crime is on the rise and unless we protect ourselves from the Trojans and Viruses on the Internet, we may also fall victim to cyber crime.

It is simply not enough to download hardware and software anti-virus programs as cyber criminals are getting more and more fluent in how to bypass the security software and target the individual themselves. We often make foolish mistakes online because we simply do not want to go through the proper secure procedures and end up risking our computer and all our files on it. Here are a few ways you can avoid being a victim to Trojans and viruses:

Steer Clear of Online Banking

Online Banking has become incredibly popular in the last few years. It is convenient and fast and saves a lot of time, you never have to visit the bank yourself, you can just use your computer to check your account or pay your utility bills etc.
but cyber criminals often make use of unsecure connections used by banks to acquire your account details and then misuse them. Often, they send emails and messages, masquerading as bank officials so make sure that before you before there is any correspondence, the person you are talking to is actually from your bank or not. When you click links, you automatically download viruses on to your computer. Ask your bank for two step verification, so as to minimize the misuse of your online banking account.

Use a Disposable Credit Card

Unauthorized protections do not apply to debit cards, so if you use debit cards online, you are at more of a risk to be hacked. You can increase your protection level by getting disposable credit cards and use those when using online services for payments. Run anti -virus programs regularly on your computer, those will ensure to some degree that your online transactions are safe and there are no Trojans or viruses in your system.

Use More Than One Malware Scanner

Trojans and viruses are getting sneakier and sneakier and to keep up with them, you need to install more than one malware scanner. Because the Trojans and viruses are so advances, they often can surpass the malware detector but you use more than one, the chances of it actually getting to your files are reduced considerably.

Also make sure that you run those scanners on any new files you download, that are the number one way these viruses reach your computer. Double check if you can. Trojans and viruses are also transferred to your computer by using USBs and CDs with viruses on them. So before you run any device, make sure to scan it for malware.

If you keep in mind these few tips, your experience with the computer will be safe and you will be good to go!

Technology News About Apple




Apple is one of the most appreciated company and brand, when it comes to high-tech gadgets, around the world. There isn’t a person in this world that wouldn’t like an iPhone or iPad, as they are the image of the ultimate gadget that can be ever released. Each time the company announces a new release, fans wait with anxiety this moment, trying to find sneak peeks and leaked information about what Apple is secretly preparing for them. And if they manage to get their hands on a discount code or voucher code for the next product, it is like the best treat they can get. So what is Apple up to next?

The company is known for restlessly looking for new ways to impress their fans and people all over the world, doing researches and trying to make the next product even more revolutionary. Even if Steve Jobs is not in it lead anymore, the entire company feels responsible for taking his legacy further, by creating the same amazing products and by not letting Apple fans down, no matter what. The latest news concerning the incredible success the App Store recorded during these winter holidays shows that the number of people that enjoy Apple products are increasing. The peak of the sales was made during the week around Christmas, and the one before the New Year’s Eve. It appears that many people believe that something purchased from the company’s online store is the best gift to offer.

Also, if you know where you look you may find discount codes and even free delivery services, for a new Apple purchase online. This can be very helpful because Apple products are incredible, but they don’t come cheap, so even a voucher code is more than welcomed. It is very likely that the increase in the sales during the holiday period to be fueled by the presence of these codes, which enabled people to get the products they wanted at lower prices. The statistics made after the end of the shopping season, show that apps from all categories were bought. It appears the Apple’s app developers did an excellent job because the App Store generated an incredible income last year. But, do have in mind that only Apple device users can enjoy the apps available in this store, so if you want to have them as well, you need first to invest in an Apple device. It can be a new phone, tablet, laptop, smart watch or even TV. Once you enter the Apple world, you will be addicted forever.

So take your discount code or voucher code and start looking for the best Apple device for you. The App Store will continue developing new and interest applications for all Apple users to enjoy, so regardless when you will decide to make the purchase, you will still enjoy great applications, exclusively made for your gadget. This is the best part about Apple, the fact that they invest a lot of effort in making each customer feel that they are using exclusive services, offered by having an exclusive Apple store, with applications that run only on Apple devices. Quality comes with a price, but you can lower it now and then if you can get your hands on the right tools for this.