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Coast Stores

The coast is one of the best places to get your buy high, fantastic designs for your special occasion, and an extensive collection of designs for having a look you the confidence you want. They have stylish, maxi dresses, jumpsuits, trousers and various accessories. The Coast has different outfits for all occasions


Coast Stores: The Products

Coast stores have a lot of outfits for various occasions. You can get the whole outfit you need here, for all fitted dress, jewelry, and bags that complete your entire outfit and dressing. You need to get beautiful tops, skirts, and trousers.     Others products are Blouse, pants, jacket and all forms of dress.  Cost store also has quality underscores and great coat and jackets. You will be able to match various outfits from what you get from the store.  At coat website, you get all the years you need. Whatsoever thing you are looking for from wedding outfit, office clothes or Christmas clothes, all can be gotten from coast store. You will be inspired by the various fashions and design you will find from this company. The stores also have a section to allow you choose the trending styles. These clothes are of good quality and last longer than most materials from other brands. Are you looking for shoes, last longing accessories and both men and women clothing, then Coast Store is your perfect companion.


Coast Store: Prices   

The company provides various outfits for almost all occasions. The store has a price for many wears and accessories that are much more affordable.  Coast stores have prices from small, medium and expensive categories.  The customers that want tight a budget will be able to get the wears within £40. Their wears are of top quality but can be much pricier when going for higher quality.


Coast Store: The website

The site is straightforward to browse through. They have a subsection that allows you to select the type of wears you want. This makes shopping stress free because all you have to do is to choose the category you want to buy from. All products can also be viewed on the store website.   If you need to have more information on the clothes you want to get, just click on the product to get the details of the product.


Coast Store: Onsite Reviews

The store doesn’t have reviews on their wares, but most of the review I got in the course of this review is on the website. There are various complaints about the service offered by Coast Store. Most of those reviews are low, and they are mainly in the customer service and how they treat their company.

Is there Any Concern About this company?

The quality of the Coast wears very commendable. Their various prices and quality of their product is a thing that is much appreciated.  This is why they are one of the best stores in the UK. The various reviews about this store on the internet show their negligence to their customer satisfaction.   They have affordable prices for all their clothes and have different collections of cloth and accessories on the store website. This offers clients various options.


Area of the Store to Improve

Coast store cancel most orders that are not in line with their policy, and most of the customers are not aware of this policy. This can be frustrating when you place an order, and you have it canceled because of policy you are not aware of. They have a poor service when it comes to satisfying customer needs because some complaint of double charges for the product they want to buy.


Coast Store: How We Rate It

This company has its down side also. I will say this store is a great place to shop from, except their attitude toward the customers.

Coast Free Delivery

Coast store happens to be one of the best stores in UK destinations to get all forms of clothes for all occasions. The coast store free delivery allows you to get most of their product at a price lower than the going rate. This allows the customers to save money on their delivery cost.

Coast Store: You get up to 50% discount and reduction in the delivery cost.

Coast: Maxi dress has a discount that is up to 52%

Coast: You get free delivery on orders that is more than £100

Coast: They also offer you 60% on the various bags sold to you in coast stores

Coast: They also offer you 65% on their dresses


The Pros:

  • They sell almost all wears
  • They have a site anyone can navigate
  • They offer discounts on most of their products
  • Coast store prices are competitive and offer free delivery

The Cons:

  • Their customers complain about their poor customer service
  • They cancel most of the customers’ orders order without informing them

Coast Store: How You Rate It   

Above are our various reviews about this website, what is your say about their different products and services?

Ample Bosom: Plus Size Bras & Lingerie




Ample Bosom is an online retail store that sells different brands of under wears for men and women. The company was founded in 1999 and is committed to serving the world on the delivery of lingeries. They sell a wide variety of brands and products from which customers can choose from. The brand focuses on quality so the products they sell are of high quality so customers are guaranteed a wide range of choices and quality to go with every and any of the choices they make. To get a piece of quality underwear from Ample Bosom company, simply visit on which you will get different pieces of under clothes such as bras, lingerie, nightwear, menswear, shapewear, swimwear, hosiery,  briefs amongst others. The company also retails clothes for plus sized people ranging from every day wear to work wears.

On the website, there is a menu which brings a drop down from which customers can choose exactly what they are looking for by brand, by type, by colour or by size. Customers have the option to choose what quantity they want to order as well and there is also a measuring guide on the website as well to guide you in taking measurement for the sake of accuracy.

Ample Bosom has a category for occasions as well from which customers can shop for every member of their families in the event that there is an occasion. The brand makes sure your occasion goes without any hitches as far as clothing is concerned. Ample Bosom has an item for every moment of your occasion up to sleeping wears and under wears. Right on the company’s website Ample Bosom, you can also request for a catalogue shipped to you wherever you are so you can have a more elaborate view of the items to choose from.

Ample Bosom Free Delivery is quite swift and on time as well. orders are shipped within 24 hours so in five working days, orders are delivered and fulfilled. If a customer has an issue with an order and they wish return for a change or refund, all they have to do is complete the return form on the back of the invoice and return in the original parcel that the item was shipped in. Returns are refunded swiftly and accounts get credited within three weeks.

Customers also have the option to call to order or lodge complaints and queries as Ample Bosom has a 24/7 always available customer support team to handle requests and queries. There is the section where you can request for help on topics such as ordering, shipping, delivery, returns, stock, advise on what to buy and how to find the items.

The company is well recognized too as it reached the finals of the E-commerce Business of the Year category at the 2003 York evening Press Business Awards. The company takes speed and efficiency seriously and this has been the company’s strong forte. This is why the company believes in its ability to provide comfortable wears for everyone irrespective of their body sizes.

Evans: Fashionable Plus Size Clothing




Evans Clothing is your number one top choice styling platform for the plus-sized. Evans Clothing allows you to define your style as they offer you the freedom to make a choice of what you want in terms of what you want, size and every other specification just to make sure you get exactly what you want and what fits you. Just by logging on to you will be shown different catalogues of  wears for the plus-sized.  There is an option where you option where you choose the sizes of your body parts so you can get a final delivery that will fit your body perfectly.  There are also the procedures of taking measurements on the website to make things much easier.

You can get really amazing designs for really low prices and when you make use of Evans Clothing free delivery codes before checking out on the website, you get to enjoy even great quality products for lesser prices. There is a variety of products on the Evans Clothing website from which you can make a choice. These products include coats, knitwear, footwear and tops, all of which you can enjoy up to 50% discount when you make use of the Evans Clothing free delivery codes.

Overall, the website is quite easy to use and navigation between menus is pretty smooth. Registration takes less than five minutes and in case you are in a hurry or you just don’t want to go through the task of looking for the particular product you need under each category it has been made easy for you. All you need to do is make use of the search link. Type into the search box the product code or a description of what you need and the next page you will see is just what you need right before you.

On the website, there are even more products than you will expect which include shoes, intimates (bras, panties), belts, scarves, shoes accessories, jewelleries (bracelets, earrings, rings watches, necklaces), hair accessories amongst several others all of which you can use Evans Clothing free delivery codes for to get mind-blowing discounts.

Once you have chosen the products and have placed your order, before delivery is made, you can monitor the progress of your order by logging into your account and tracking the order. This way you can see the expected delivery date which is usually only a few days after placing the order. The website is secured with high-level SSL encryption technology so as to ensure transactions are secure.

Evans Clothing have a 30-day return policy within which time you can return any product you are not satisfied with or does not meet up with your specifications. So for a plus-sized man or woman and every other person looking to get some clothes for any season or occasion, try and see if there is any Evans Clothing free delivery codes available for your choice item. If yes, make use of the discount code and save yourself some money.

SammyDress-Your Fashion Station


0 Comments Free Delivery & SammyDress UK Free Shipping Codes
Fashion today is not only about the dress but how you present yourself to the world and the reason why trendsetter now focus on more than just dresses. has been a favorite of many people for years and I am pretty sure that a lot of you already know about it. As the website claims, the brand is already a top global online wholesale supplier of fashion items.

The company offers for all occasions, from weddings to day to day sportswear, from home and garden to decorate your home.Items like women’s and men’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, fashion jewelry, Children toys, home and living lifestyle products etc.All of their items areof very high quality and inexpensive. What sets them apart from their competitors is their professional service, massive product line at the lowest possible rates.New and latest and stunning fashion items are added on the website every Discount Codes offers a large variety of fashion catalogs including trendsetting high quality products and styles. Partnerships with leading global carriers like UPS DHL FedEx and others ensures commitment and fast delivery of the products.

Packages like Student discount, i-Try bloggers and affiliation program makes purchasing from the website even more cheaper. Programs like drop-shipping gives you the comfort of being your own boss with your online business and tracking facilitates you of tracking down your purchased products. Their customer care center is a team of professional minimum response time. They will extensively test products to comply with rigorous and strict QC standards. offers a 30 days return policy for wrong shipment or size, damaged products, missing products or partial delivery.
My Experience with
So, I have already talked about what the company claims and now I will come to the part where I share my personal experience about was a bit skeptical when I read a few negative reviews. I had low hopes at first but as I was browsing through the website, it became difficult for me to choose between the variety of trendy designs and the prices were fairly low.

Since this was merely for experimental purpose, I placed a small order, a pair of clothes and shoes. It took mea few steps to enter my payment info. I was emailed a tracking number to track down my courier. It took around 3 weeks for my order to reach.I contacted the customer care a few times concerning the delay in delivery of my products, and they were apologetic, patient and professional. Surprisingly, not exactly as the pictures displayed, I must say that the quality ofclothes and shoeswas satisfactorily good enough for what I paid.
My Recommendation
I was pleased with the service. For this specific order, I would rate this website a 4 out of 5 for their service and delivery. But then again, it was only my first time with Free Delivery Codes. I would definitely make a few more orders of other products to be able to present a broader review.

AX Paris: Clothing & Accessories For All



In today’s fast and crazy world there are two most trending things advancing with every sun rise. One technology, two Fashion.  Fashion is as important as being updated with any other thing. Men let alone women have been seen extremely finicky about their looks.

Being trendy describes your personality on the whole. It sharpens your image and boosts one’s confidence and fortunately or rather unfortunately has started to describe your league as well. The usual practice shows that people tend to like more those who have a better fashion sense than those who pay lesser attention to their attire.

With everyday changing trends it gets very difficult for women to wear smart clothing, without a repeat and that too shouldn’t be a burden on the pay check. Well now has all that your wardrobe has been craving for. is an online women’s store for all those fashion divas that have a taste for high end street clothing and whatever is latest with Celebs. We have a marvelous collection of clothing, dresses, footwear and accessories that will make your closet drool.

Clothing defines and reshapes the personality of an individual. We offer you to flaunt your style with our very trendy jumpsuits or play casual with any of our boyfriend crop tops. Make a statement by picking our smart and perfectly tailored shirts. Or flirt around in our very hot beach suits. From skirts to jeans, Body suits to swim wear, Prom dresses to Midi dresses, has it all sorted. We know what exactly you are looking for.

Dreaming to imitate the red carpet look of your favorite Celeb? We have a huge range celebrity dresses that are the hottest in the season. From skater dresses to maxi dresses, midi dresses to party dresses, prom dresses to swing dresses. We will make sure that you have all the eyes on you with whatever you choose!

The girls can have enough of tantrums but never have enough of shoes. A bad shoe selection can make your attire tumbling down to the floor. will be a magic lamp genie to provide you with trendiest of heels, flats, boots and sandals at a single click. Pair up those sizzling hot strappy gladiators with one of our celeb dresses to walk down the red carpet or slip on are comfy flats with one of our stylish tank tops to play casual through the day. We promise to bring you all that style with comfort in our footwear.

An un accessorized attire is a sin. Spice up your look with either an elegant statement choker, or dangling earrings out of our accessories. Enhance your dress with our trendiest of the belts or make a statement with any of our sunglasses. has compiled every detail of building a smart attire to dazzle you up. We are there to make you an ultimate fashionista. Because it indeed is the well maintained attire that keep us at the top!

Visit our web page to check our fabulous discount code for AX Paris: AX Paris Free Delivery & Discount Codes

We provide next day delivery to UK based customers and a complimentary 10% off on your first shopping. So grab your purchases now! Happy Shopping!

Pre-Fall Fashion Trends



Fashion is one of the many things that fall prey to the phenomenon of change. Fashion trends have been changing every year. Every year there is a new trend to follow and an old trend to reject. Fashion trends mostly vary with the seasons. Every season demands its own type of clothing. A jacket can’t be worn on a warm sunny day. Be it the season’s demand or the trend, there are some norms in fashion industry that demand to be followed.

Fall of 2016 will soon be upon us. But before fall, there are some trends to follow in the pre-fall season. You must be wandering why a pre-fall trend? The answer to this question is that the fashion trends are evolving on a daily basis. A lot can be told about a person’s personality by just looking at their dressing sense. Women are mostly influenced by the fashion trends but it would be silly to disregard men. There are some pre-fall trends to follow if you want to stay updated in your appearance. Here are some suggestions for those pre-fall trends of 2016:


Denim Jackets:

Denim jacket is an evergreen clothing trend for a “not so cold season” hence making it a perfect choice for the pre-fall season. Denim jackets go equally for both, men and women. Women can look for some embodied stuff while searching for denim jackets. Hollywood superstars are often seen wearing the denim jackets in the pre-fall season.

Double breasted suit:

White collar jobs demand suits and double breasted suits are getting trendy again. Deep colors are usually associated with the cold season. Wearing some deep colors like royal blue, navy blue and dark grey can give you a perfect look for this season.

Shearling Coats:

Shearling coats are very trendy these days. They can give a warm cozy feel and yet a bold look. Some of the great fashion brands are creating some shearling coats in varying sizes. Their length varies from waist to knees and they can be quite a cool trend to follow.


Sneakers can come very handy while looking for some casual look. Big overcoats, mufflers and sneakers are getting immense popularity among the pre-fall trends. The color scheme can vary but it all goes towards the deep colors in this time of the year.

Vintage sweaters:

Sweaters with the designs of 90s are making their way in fashion market nowadays. Hand-woven sweaters can be a good choice if you want to stand out from the crowd. These sweaters get the eye of the observers the minute you set foot in their premises.

Other than black:

While most people go towards black color in cold season, there are some other colors that can appeal you too. Dark Brown or simply brown and shades of tan can be a good choice while looking for coats, jackets and sweaters.

All of these fashion trends can be followed easily but the main thing is to have a sense of dressing; the sensible combinations. A good combination can help you in gaining your confidence in public. Wear everything like it is meant to be.

Summer Fashion Trends



The summer heat has set in through the world and we are all well into the summer apparel to beat the heat. The trendy one out of us are already enjoying some of the most colorful and pretty dresses that go with the local weather (that may be out right sweaty to mildly warm).

One takes a gander at this summer season’s runway and you’ll see that the stream up the hypothesis of design is holding its weight. Patterns that began in the city, as off-the-shoulder tops and soigné slip dress, have turned out to be high-design backbones apparently overnight. Here is what is trending hot this summer.

Colorful Scarfs and head covers

From natty neckerchiefs to smooth, thin silk strips, there’s still a lot of playing around with foulards. Fundamentally, it’s a one-stop 1970s in… so on the off chance that you aren’t prepared for flares or don’t favor a macramé tank top, then here’s your gesture to the decade.

Trendy tops

Summer is in the air and it’s time to look cool with your trendy tank tops, let it be chilling with the folks on the streets or your college campus. Picking the “right” tank top can be tricky (with so much on offer). How do you what is trending and what is “in”?

We understand that you ought to choose something that is “different” and make you “stand out” and that defines your sensitivity about the tank tops. Generally, buy the best your money can offer, better option is to go for a brighter one, the one that can keep your bra in and one that goes well with your skin color.

Utility outfits:

Khaki, kettle suits abundance takes and free fits… there’s still a clothing regulation for most easygoing fellows for summer.

Hitches, BOWS, STRAPS, and TIES:

In the event that there’s a fastidious method for accomplishing something up, then it’s in. The S/S’15 catwalks have been sent to test you. Get honing now like this timely riser bundle.

Step back in time:

Sumptuous softened cowhide coats and coats (for areas with softer summers), stages, kicky flares, sexy and psych-rock florals (classic 70’s stuff). This is one of the new summer season’s trends.



The all awesome PANTS:

Somewhat loose, lower leg swinging, , likely high-waists… the loose trouser is going solid well into summer. Expect them in outsize cotton poplin or to be worn with suits.

Decorative trend:

In the event that it aren’t got decorations on, it isn’t worth an asphalt parade! Bordering moves forward through cowhide skirts, swishy packs, crude fixed bouclé and brutally torn denim… Basically can periphery, it in your own specific manner yet at the same time be in on a major pattern.

The all out fun shirts:

From beautiful shirts to preppy shirtwaist dresses or monster catch through layered over custom-made trousers, there’s a lot of adoration to want the not really humble in the summer heat.

The never fading neckerchiefs and scarves:

Numerous trendy goers adorned their looks with a bit of something around the neck, be it a turned up streaming silk scarf or a handkerchief shuddering in the warm summer breeze.

Sports & Outdoor Fashion for Winter



If you want to hit the slopes with friends or loved ones or even with your family this winter season, ensure you are dressing yourself and them properly. It doesn’t matter if you like to go skiing or snowboarding as you have to dress in the appropriate winter gear so that all of you can stay warm and healthy.

The best sports and outdoor fashion for winter is material which is waterproof and breathable. Snowsuits are great for young ones and adults alike. They will keep them dry and warm in the cold weather. Breathable materials are best since the wetter you are the colder you become. A lot of people don’t realize that if you are out in the cold snowboarding or skiing that you still sweat. When your temperature drops as you are cold, there is a chance of getting sick. Material which allows you to breathe allows air in and prevents you from getting wet.

There are lots of sports and outdoors fashion of winter stores online that provide this kind of materials. The one piece snowsuits could be a hassle for you or your kids, especially those who have a hard time dressing and undressing themselves. So, getting a two-piece is highly advisable. Some of the pants which are made for snowboarding and skiing are breathable and have kick patches and side vents. Pants like this are so easy to maneuver around in.

You like something for you and your loved ones which are going to be comfortable, but heavy enough to keep them comfortable.  Keep in mind that you are going to be in the ground and in the snow for longer times, so ensure you go to stores that offer sports and outdoor fashion for winter, so you know that you are getting the best and high quality winter clothes.

On the other hand, winter clothes are very expensive. Worry no more because this can be obtained for a very reasonable price with the use of sports direct voucher code. Sports direct voucher code can be used in buying any sports and outdoor fashion related products. This is the best way for you to get the best and high quality products without breaking your bank account. This voucher code is so easy to obtain and so easy to use as well. Just present the code every time you purchase an item.

There are lots of voucher codes available at Vouchers UK, which take account of codes that save you from 10 to 50 percent of your purchase. Apart from a USC discount code, you can also have the chance to avail the sports direct free delivery. This is a once in a lifetime chance that everyone should not miss.

Sports and outdoor apparels for winters at this moment are very expensive due to the materials they use. However, for low income individuals, they should not worry because a USC discount code or voucher code can help them get the product they want for a very reasonable price.

Top Fashion Retailers in UK



The UK designing industry is justified regardless of an expected £44.5 billion. In 1960, 10% of family use was spent on garments and footwear. Today, on account of reduced costs, lower creation costs abroad and a surge of Chinese imports, just 6% of family unit consumption is spent on keeping us chic.


Reducing is overflowing in the ultra-focused UK fashion market, thus affecting the top fashion retailers in the UK. Marks and Spencer remain the business sector pioneer in the offer of high road style, yet confronts furious rivalry from rebate design authorities, for example, Primark and TK Maxx. Progressively, rich more youthful purchasers are purchasing in the past select high from brands, for example, Prada, Chloe, Hugo Boss, Burberry and Donna Karan to say a couple yet.


The ascent of modest imports has almost wiped out the UK fabricating. Nowadays UK assembling focuses on authority design dress or extravagance items, generally made for the affluent shopper in other created nations. A proceeded with a pattern in the style business is the incorporation of makers and retailers. The main style retailers in the UK are Marks & Spencer, Missguided, Topman, Stuarts London, Boohoo & more. They both assemble and retail their particular design brands. Exemptions to this vertical reconciliation are the road design brands of Nike, Adidas and Reebok, who lean toward pro retailers.


The UK design business sector will keep on being driven by retailers as opposed to producers with a polarization in the middle of discounters and the maximum retailers. The maximum retailers will gain by youthful buyer interest for couture-house plans, quality materials and individual styles sold as “quick mold” with things offered temporarily before new styles are discharged.

Most fashion trends last nearly one year, but some trends, usually the acceptable, last much longer. It is considered that normally fashion trends re-emerge nearly every twenty years. Hence, the minis skirts of the 80s are back in trends again.

The key to assume that how long a trend will last depends on from when you bought the collection. If you bought when the knock-off or discounts are going to retail store, then the count for the trend last not more one or two seasons. Fashion industry normally dumps together two seasons together, Spring and Summer, Fall and Winter, which provides you about six months to wear before it seems looks outdated.

The safeguard against rapidly changing fashion trends is to have a clothing line stocked with more traditional looks: T-shirts, jeans, and black dresses.