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Laura Ashley is one of the top ranking companies in the world, dealing in fashion and home furnishing services.

Brief history
The Company initiated in the year 1953 when Laura was looking for a small patch Victorian design and she couldn’t find it anywhere. She found herself an opportunity and started to print Victorian style handicraft designs. In 1981 the company transferred its attention from fashion to home furnishing side of the business. 1999 saw the launch of Laura Ashley design services. To date, the company has never ceased working on new projects, recently licensing projects for products including carpets, eyewear, tiles, towels and home furnishing items that add grandeur to any living room with their uniqueness.

Brand Description
For more than 60 years, the company has transcendence in design. Laura Ashley has become prototypical English lifestyle brand and holds a vast portfolio comprising of home furniture, decorating, home accessories, curtains and blinds, clothing and accessories. For a company a brand isn’t just a symbolic image or catchy slogan. It is a promise to a consumer and a perception that a consumer holds about the company. Likewise, to maintain its success, standard, and customer satisfaction, Laura Ashley emphasizes mainly on quality control checks and internal management. For Laura Ashley Discount Codes & Free Delivery Codes, you can refer to this site: Vouchers-UK.

The company’s management has a clear insight on various aspects of quality such as understanding the cost and benefits of the quality. The reason for slightly high prices is no compromise on quality. Laura Ashley is a globally respected brand with an over 60 years of design heritage.

The company has always been a pioneer of setting up to date trendy and fashionable designs using prints and designs that summon captivating beauty of the English countryside. The uniqueness comes from with its originality and design’s heritage. The company is capable enough to meet the product or service consistently to meet or exceed customers’ requirements and expectations via its vast range of products. Delivering superior customer value has always been a matter of going concern. In modern customer centered era, Laura Ashley sees its customer value as a strategic weapon.

The company has expert customer care officers who deal with customer relationship management professionally. Laura Ashley owns a user friendly website where consumers can easily place an online order, making their shopping experience very convenient. The website provides guidance and customer based suggestion on purchases. Specific guides are available with every category for customers to have an outstanding experience and perfect selection of their required product.

The company holds a few websites for its recognition in sale growth, quality of catalogue and website’s sale generation, services and popularity. The company is working tirelessly on projects, developing them to meet the expectations and interest of consumers. Laura Ashley has a passion for its uniqueness, innovation, and consistency, delivering to the best of a consumer’s interest.
Laura Ashley currently has franchises operational in 29 countries including Far East, Australia, and South America. The company is still looking for new franchise partners where the brand has no presence.